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Barack H. Obama Elementary
Magnet School of Technology

Dekalb County Schools

Supply List Pre-K -2nd Grade

Pre-K & Kdg.  Supply List


1 standard size backpack

1 complete set of change of clothes

1 Headphones (no earbuds)

2 packs of Expo Markers (Skinny)

2 packs glue sticks 

2 packs of Ticonderoga Pencils (Fat)

1 roll of paper towel

2 boxes gallon Ziplock bags

1 box of baby wipes

2 boxes of Kleenex

3 bottles of hand soap

1 bottle of hand sanitizer 

2 bottles of Clorox Wipes

2 bottles of Lysol Spray


1st Grade Supply List

6 Composition Notebooks (Primary preferred)

2 boxes of crayons

4 pkgs. Of #2 pencils

3 packs of glue sticks

3 boxes of tissues

1 pair of blunt end scissors

2 boxes of antibacterial wipes (Clorox)

1 box of 1 gallon, quart, and sandwich size Ziploc bags

1 Pencil Box/ Pouch

1 Copy Paper

1 Pair of Headphones

1 Lysol Spray




2nd Grade Supply List

Pencil pouch or box (students will keep their own pencils, crayons, scissors and glue in their pouch/box.  These items will not be shared)

1 box of #2 pencils 

1 box of crayons 

1 pack of glue sticks

1 pair of scissors

1 large eraser

1 box of color pencils

1 composition notebook for ELA

1 composition notebook for Social Studies

1 composition notebook for Math

1 composition notebook for Science

1 composition notebook for Spanish Literature

1 folder

2 bottles of hand sanitizer

2 bottles of Lysol wipes

2 bottles of hand soap

2 boxes of tissue

1 can of disinfecting spray

1 pair of headphones or earbuds

Water bottle

Dry erase board

Dry erase markers

Ziploc bags (Quart and Gallon)

1 pack of copy paper